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The “SIRPA Think Tank” Compilation Group.[J].国际安全研究(英文版),2016,2(1):125-146
Security, Development and InternationalCo-Prosperity (Part I)
英文关键词: China’s national security, effective national security, development and security, international security
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The “SIRPA Think Tank” Compilation Group  
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      Under the guidance of the overall concept of national security, China is in need of a national security strategy centered on “effective security,” which is targeted at enhanced, relative, open, sustainable, multi-dimensional, developmental, common, coordinated, and moderate security. The strategic guiding principles are set forth for the sustainable development and effectiveness of China’s national security, that is, 1) combination of security with joint development; 2) integration of reactive and proactive approaches; 3) elimination of both direct and root causes; 4) enhancement of cooperation and defensive capacities; and 5) balance of domestic and international security. It is also desirable that China should reduce its reactive mindset, reinforce a proactive mindset and enhance its capacity in shaping and creating a favorable security environment. Effective security requires a centralized, efficient, professional and law-binding national security mechanism. The external layout should abide by the principle of “multi-dimensional and orderly implementation, balance of domestic and international security, and compatibility with capability.” This article expounds on the status quo of China’s national security strategy in the ten functional areas of security, political, military, economy, social, public, internet, religious, energy, environment and overseas security. After identifying the materialization of effective security and assessing the existing problems, it makes some suggestions about corresponding policies and strategic initiatives. China should also learn from the lessons of the United States and the Soviet Union whose misguided and excessive security concerns in the post-9/11 era and the late phase of the Cold War era respectively resulted in depletion of national strength, scattered resources, incompatible capacities and eventually the unsustainability of national security. Therefore, China should attach great importance to the co-prosperity and complementarity of security and development, take a path of sustainable development of national security with Chinese characteristics, and make its due contributions to world peace and development of the entire human race.
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