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About the Journal

About International Security Studies


Starting its publication in 1983, International Security Studies (bimonthly), affiliated to University of International Relations (UIR), was renamed to this present name in 2013. As a prestigious journal in China’s academic circle, it is China’s first academic journal of its kind, mainly publishing excellent academic papers in the field of international relations and global securities. International Security Studies is focused on global issues with international security studies as its main features. It covers contemporary security theories, policies and strategies, attaching great importance to multidimensional security issues, common security and cooperation security while advocating for diversified research perspectives and various academic viewpoints. Moreover, it promotes theoretical application to policy-making and other practices.

There are several columns in International Security Studies,such as security theories, security strategies and security issues. Security theories involve basic concepts, theoretical modes and schools, paradigms and methodologies, while security strategies deal with tactics, means, approaches and methods to realize security goals and improve security relations. Security issues mainly explore various representative and typical traditional and non-traditional security issues in international relations.