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Academic Events

  • The 5th Meeting of the Forum on International Security Studies

  • Seminar of Topic Planning 2016 For the Journal of International Security Studies

  • Party Secretary Liu Hui Headed UIR Team to The Sixth International Politics & Economy Forum

  • Session of National Council of Deans of Institutes of Foreign Affairs and International Relations

  • Editors of Pacific Journal Visit University of International Relations

  • International Symposium on Accessing the International Nuclear Agenda

  • The First “Belt and Road” Security Study High-Level Forum Jointly Organised by UIR and SHUPL

  • “The First UIR Seminar on Translations of Academic Papers and Publication of English Journals” Successfully Held

  • The 4th International Security Studies Forum, Theories and Practice on Asia-Pacific Security Community

News Reports

  • Zuckerberg Apologizes For Data Scandal

  • Australia’s National Security Bills Exaggerates Concerns About “Chinese Influence”

  • Facebook CEO Apologizes For Data Misuse in Prepared Testimony to Congress

  • U.S. Says DPRK Ready to Discuss Denuclearization: Report

  • Turkey-Russia Cooperative Ties Develop "Step by Step"

  • Russian S-400 Missile Delivery to Turkey Planned for July 2019: Official

  • News Analysis: Russia-West Confrontation Likely to Go Beyond Hysteria Over Diplomacy

  • Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un Hold Talks in Beijing

  • Russia Protests Diplomats Expulsion, Vows to Retaliate