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Academic Events

  • The First “Belt and Road” Security Study High-Level Forum Jointly Organised by UIR and SHUPL

  • “The First UIR Seminar on Translations of Academic Papers and Publication of English Journals” Successfully Held

  • The 4th International Security Studies Forum, Theories and Practice on Asia-Pacific Security Community

  • The 7th International Political Economics Forum (IPEF) Held

  • The Seminar on “Security Diplomacy: Territorial Disputes and Governance” Held in Beijing

News Reports

  • U.S. House Passes 700-bln-USD Defense Policy Bill

  • Highlights of President Xi's Address to The APEC CEO Summit

  • Indian Capital To Roll Out 'Odd-even' Formula From Next Week To Check Pollution

  • NATO Defense Ministers Agree On Creating Two New Commands

  • 8 Killed, Multiple Injured In New York City "Act of Terror"

  • Beijing Hopes Seoul Acts On THAAD Pledge

  • Huge Pro-Spain Rally Staged In Barcelona

  • Over 50 Killed, 200 Injured In Las Vegas Mass Shooting

  • Spain's Security Forces Make Sure Potential Polling Stations Closed In Catalonia