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“The First UIR Seminar on Translations of Academic Papers and Publication of English Journals” Successfully Held

发布时间:2017年03月20日        点击数量:640

On November 3rd , 2016, the first “UIRUniversity of International Relations Seminar on Translations of Academic Papers and Publication of English Journals” was jointly held by the College of Foreign Studies, and the Editorial Office of  Journal of International Security Studies, UIR. English teachers from the Department of English and editors from the Editorial Office attended the seminar and had an in-depth discussion on improvement of academic paper translation and the publication of English journals.  



Guo Huimin and Wu Hui, both UIR vice president, and Kang Yanmei, chief of the scientific research office, delivered an address. Tan Xiuying, editor-in-chief of Journal of International Security Studies, and Wang Wehhua, dean of the English Department made their keynote speeches. In their address, Guo Huimin and Wu Hui, pointed out that the publication of English journals will not only help Chinese academic community going global, but also serve as a link among different institutions within UIR. Since they are better informed of international relations and security issues, English teachers from UIR are more qualified and competent for translations of academic papers of this genre than those of other institutions, which have encouraged UIR English teachers to submit their papers to the English journal and gave their suggestions on how to strengthen teamwork and further improve the quality of English journal.



In her keynote speech, Tan Xiuying, editor-in-chief, pointed out that the English journal will adhere to the concept of “ localization of topics, frontier of theory, standardization of academic papers, and internationalization of authors”, and attempt to serve as a link for the communication between domestic and foreign scholars. Wang Wehhua, dean of the English Department, pointed out that, because of the high demand that the English journal makes on the paper quality and its translations, the translation team and capacity building are essential for the forthcoming English journals. All the teachers present shared their experiences and had an in-depth discussion on how to deal with problems and adopt proper coping strategies for translations. All agreed that translators should be well informed and have critical thinking mindset. Therefore, they should build their knowledge capacity as well as skills in handling technical terms and terminologies in international relations and global security issues. Besides, they shared their views on the editorial techniques of International Security Studies.


Toward the end of the seminar, the chief of the Scientific Research Office and the dean of the School of Foreign Studies said that they were willing to take this opportunity to strengthen cooperation between the two institutions in order to make greater contributions to the “Double-First Rate” construction of the university.